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  • 直接雇用

  • 更新工作簽証

  • 帶女傭辦理更新护照

  • 領事館合約公正費

  • 辦 理回乡簽証

  • 预订回乡之機票

  • 取消工作簽証

  • 送女傭回乡服务


Our services

  • -New application

  • -Renewal of Work Permit

  • -Renewal of Filipino passport

  • -Home leave process

  • -Direct hire from Philippines

  • -Cancellation of Work Permit

  • -Air-port transport service

  • -Booking Air-ticket


On job training is to provide skill to applicant mentally in working competencies
We shall service our clients to the best of our ability.
We shall honour all terms and conditions stated in Service Agreement.